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coach shiva

Hi! I'm

Coach Shivakumar

I am the founder of 4 Steps Coaching and a Certified Career, Life, & Business Coach. Over the past 25 years I have helped hundreds of  people transform their lives and careers through self-awareness and self-empowerment.

At 4 Steps Coaching, our idea is simple. We want to bring the benefits of deep and focused coaching to individuals from all walks of life by making the career and life coaching programs of shorter duration, highly structured and results driven.

Why 4 Steps?

Today, we are at a cross roads. Everything that we have known about living our lives and doing our jobs has been upended as this article details.  Nobody has the answers and everyone is trying to find them.

Unlike during earlier times, people are seeking quicker solutions and  actions they could take at a practical level,  in order to deal with the constantly changing landscape. Thus, coaching programs that are long drawn out are quickly making way for short term, focused and result oriented programs.

We believe that even with a short and focused program, it will be possible to experience tremendous growth and development provided the coaching program is structured and follows a well defined path. The 4 Steps Coaching programs comprising Career Coaching Programs, Life Coaching Programs and Business Coaching Programs do just that. In just 4 steps it is possible for individuals to make substantial progress towards their goals by working closely with their coach and by utilizing world class tools and techniques.


What are the 4 Steps?

The 4 Steps in the coaching framework are each logical stepping stones that take you higher and higher towards your goals that are based on the overall vision you have for your life and career. It is essential that each step is tackled with complete commitment before moving to the next. 

4 steps framework

What you can expect from a

4 Steps Coaching Program

  • 1:1 Deep Coaching Sessions
  • Fully certified and credentialed coach with years of experience.
  • World class coaching tools including assessments and workbooks.
  • Individually customized programs for everyone.
  • Unlimited email support for the duration of the engagement.
  • Lifetime access to coaching tools and workbooks.

Step Up to Life

4 Steps to the Life You Desire

Everything that was familiar and comfortable has disappeared. In its wake, the pandemic has left behind fear, anxiety, worry and stress. Our seemingly tranquil lives have been upended and we are treading water as we await the unknown. At a time like this, what’s needed is to pause and clarify our vision, reassess our priorities and get clear on the path ahead. The 4 steps life coaching programs have been newly created to reflect this changed paradigm and our role and impact in it.

Step Up to Career

4 Steps to the Career You Deserve

The post pandemic employment and career landscape has changed dramatically. What was once cherished qualities to possess in order to climb the corporate ladder have now taken the back seat. What’s needed to power your career and make waves in the brave new world is an ability to understand the new landscape and reinvent yourself to force opportunities to grow exponentially. The 4 steps career coaching programs do just that.

Step Up to Business

4 Steps to the Business You Want to Run

This has been perhaps, the toughest period in the life of an entrepreneur. With demand shrinking, costs escalating, pressure increasing and uncertainty looming, if you are running a business then you are certainly in the midst of a perfect storm. But you are not alone. With the help of our brand new business coaching programs, you can get clarity on the path ahead, understand what is to be focused on and how to reach out to your network to get the help you need in order to continue living your entrepreneurial dream and thrive in the midst of chaos.

book cover

My ‘how to’ book on achieving your goals –

3 Steps to Achieving your Goals and Changing Your Life

Everyone has goals that they would like to achieve; at work, at home, in their relationships, their health and wellness or personal productivity. The problem is that most people do not have a system of planning, preparing for and achieving them. There are too many distractions and obstacles that get in the way. In this book, I outline a simple 3 Step process of bypassing the obstacles, keeping laser focused on the goals and achieving them on a consistent basis. This book is for anyone looking to ace their goals and chart a path to the future.