4 Steps to the Business you Want

Take your business to
new heights

Are your entrepreneurial dreams in danger of collapsing? Are you working in your business rather than working on your business? Is your business leaving you emotionally and physically drained instead of energizing and invigorating you? Are you struggling to pay your bills and looking at exit options?

The 4 Steps to Business Coaching programs are designed to help you identify and overcome the obstacles that are in the way of your dreams.


4 Steps to Business Success

What is Business Success in today's world?

As the pandemic continues to disrupt our lives, millions of small businesses have already been impacted to such an extent that they are unable to continue. Many more thousands are hanging on desperately as markets have collapsed, operations halted, costs driven up and resources scarce to come by.

As per this report by McKinsey, there are four strategic areas to focus on: recovering revenue, rebuilding operations, rethinking the organization, and accelerating the adoption of digital solutions.

The 4 Steps to Business Coaching programs have been created to help small business owners and entrepreneurs to develop the competencies and grit that is needed to sustain, strive and succeed in rebuilding their businesses, grow more resilient and chart a path towards long term growth and stability. Also see the 4 Steps life coaching programs which form an excellent combination with the Business Coaching Programs.

business BASICS series

Business Vision & Re-Focus

This Business Coaching program is for you if you are re-assessing the vision and goals you have for your business and your life. If you feel the need to reassess what you are aiming to do with your business and wonder whether it is taking you in the direction you wanted to go, this program will give you much needed clarity. You will be able to identify the core values that are important in your life and how to act in a manner that is consistent with the vision you have for your life and business.

After clarifying your new goals and vision, you will start prioritizing your goals and start working towards making them come true.

This Business Coaching Program includes:

AED 999 
/ US$ 272


"I loved the Personal Branding workshop very much and intend to use the skills I learned right away in my life and career" -I. Acopian

business ESSENTIALS series

Efficiency & Energy Booster

This Business Coaching Program is meant for entrepreneurs and business owners who are struggling to deal with the physical, mental and emotional stress caused by the demands of the business and for those who are seeking to learn techniques that will allow them to build efficiency, boost productivity while maintaining a balance with their personal lives.

This program is for you if you are looking for ways to create the perfect balance between having a productive and satisfying day at work followed by a period of recovery and relaxation at home.

In this business coaching program, you will identify the things that are causing the imbalance and inefficiency in your life, remove the tasks and activities that are contributing to energy drain and introduce daily success habits that will boost your energy levels.


This Business Coaching Program includes:

AED 1,999 
/ US$ 544

business MASTERY series

Unlock Business Mastery

This Business Coaching program is a Masterclass on how to build, sustain and grow a profitable, satisfying and durable business based on preparation, planning, execution and renewal. You will start by laying out a vision for your own life based on your core values and beliefs and translating your vision into a sustainable business idea that will take shape through targeted actions and behavior modifications. You will learn how to overcome the limitations of your beliefs and soar above them with enthusiasm, determination and resilience.

This business coaching program would be invaluable to anyone who is looking to grow beyond what they have been able to by leveraging their hidden gifts and dormant strengths and through minimizing the negative beliefs, mindsets and habits.

This Business Coaching Program includes:

AED 2,999 
/ US$ 816