4 Steps to the Life you Desire

A New Life with Endless Possibilities

Do you feel that there must be more to life than what you are doing? That there is a deeper purpose and calling that you are ignoring? Do you feel the need to live your life by other people’s expectations of you? Do you feel that your work is not fulfilling? (See Career Coaching Programs)

There is no doubt that all of us can do with a spring cleaning of our life closets; taking out the things that we do not need and stocking up on those that we do, creating the new habits and beliefs that will empower us and discard those that limit us.

The 4 Steps Life Coaching Programs are created specially for you. With expert guidance and mind-expanding tools, you will undertake the most important journey of your life- one that is within you.

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Take a big step forward...

which of these areas would be most valuable to you to achieve?

A Vision for your Life

Explore within you and come up with your Why. Get clear on your core purpose and your values and beliefs

Balance and Self-Care

Get the lowdown on what causes imbalance in our lives and discover techniques to rectify and re-connect.

Reboot your Relationships

Are toxic relationships draining you? Find the determination and will to disconnect them and form new ones.

Overcome Perfectionism

Overcome your people pleasing tendencies and perfectionist behavior to get peace of mind and contentment.

Be Free from Anxiety

Lose your anxiety and learn to embrace life with vigor, enthusiasm and open your life to fresh adventures.

Build your Resilience

Circumstances bringing you down? Learn to face life with renewed sense of optimism, confidence and grit.

Set & Achieve your Goals

Plan, set and achieve life changing goals by creating the right mindset and building a foolproof strategy.

Embracing Change

Stuck in your comfort zone? There is no growth over there. Embrace change and see yourself grow in all respects.

Leverage your Strengths

Do you know what your strengths are and are you maximizing them? Learn techniques to bring transformations.

Find Happiness Within

Find out how to get true and lasting happiness by going on a journey of self-discovery and self-awareness.

Get Emotional Strength

Be self-aware and manage your emotions and build social relationships by recognizing emotions in others.

Boost your Productivity

Get more done with less. Stop working hard and start working efficiently. Learn techniques to regulate yourself.

Passion & Performance

take a big step towards boosting your productivity

A game changing Life Coaching productivity program that helps you identify and leverage your gifts and address the gaps, enabling you to reach your personal and professional goals. Get clear on what’s holding you down and how to create a mindset and daily success habits to get to the life you want.

Is this you? If yes, this is the life coaching program for you...

Not finding the time to do what's important

Are there important tasks that you would like to accomplish but something always seems to get in the way of doing them?

Unable to prioritise your tasks and activities

Confused about what you should be doing when? Unable to set boundaries and determine priorities?

Looking to rekindle your passion

Have you lost the passion you used to have in doing the things you love to do? Have you lost your mojo?

You are a compulsive time waster

Do you let inertia get in the way of your life and work? Are you a victim of lethargy and letting things pass?

About the Program

Passion & Performance

This program includes:

AED 999 
/ US$ 272


Identify Priorities

The first step is to quickly identify the tasks and activities that are going to deliver value and those that are not by working with some remarkable productivity tools.


Leverage your gifts

With the strengths finder framework, you will identify the areas you are gifted at and work on a plan to maximize them as a productivity tool.


Bring back the passion

Get your mojo back by putting your passion into what you do by identifying your motivators and discarding that which puts you off from doing what you like to do.


Boost your performance

It's time for your performance to go on steroids as you deploy new techniques to help you work more efficiently and with less wasted resources.


" Your Goals for a Life with Balance workshop was a 10/10 for me. It opened my eyes to what could be achieved with everything that is surrounding my life." -H. Eissa

Balance and Self Care

take a big step towards achieving a balanced life

A Powerful  Life Coaching program that looks at why our lives are so unbalanced especially during the current situation and offers powerful new techniques to cope with the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy drain. You will learn to create and implement positive energy rituals to bring your life back to balance.

Is this you? If yes, this is the life coaching program for you...

Life's Spiralling out of Control

Do you feel overwhelmed by what’s happening around you? A sense that events and circumstances have taken control of your life?

You feel drained & disinterested

Are you feeling exhausted even when not doing anything much? Have you lost interest in doing the things that you used to love doing?

Stuck with negative energy

Are you battling negative emotions and energy despite trying your best to be upbeat? Do you feel a sense of loss at what you’ve had to give up?

Unable to set boundaries

Are you unable to say no and end up taking up more than you should? Do you feel powerless to stop the disruptive influences on your life ?

About the Program

Balance & Self Care

This program includes:

AED 1999 
/ US$ 544


identify & Isolate

We begin with diagnosing what's causing imbalance in your life. Using proprietary tools, we quickly get to the root of the problem and isolate the issues causing them.


determine Needs

We now turn to your self-care needs. We focus on that which is going to serve you the best and check how they are serving you at present. We then prepare a plan to get to where you want to be.


start taking action

You will now start implementing the plan we designed by taking decisive, determined and deliberate action. We will track the progress being made as we go.


Review and Strengthen

As you become more confident with your new practices and behavior, you will start seeing things in a different light. We continue to strengthen the positive energy rituals.

Ready to Turn your life around?

Release, Renew, Recharge

take a big step towards living the life you want

This life coaching program has the potential to change your life. Release everything that is holding you back from the life you want; Renew your relationships and purpose and Recharge your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy. This is a total transformation program that is holistic in nature.

Is this you? If yes, this is the life coaching program for you...

Too many mental blocks getting in the way

Are you your own worst enemy? Do you need to get out of your own way in order to see the truth beyond?

Bad Habits preventing progress

Are bad habits stopping you from moving forward? Are you unable to change them despite your efforts?

Toxic Relationships draining energy

Are you unable to say NO to relationships that is leaving you emotionally and mentally drained?

You procrastinate when it comes to taking action

Are you putting off things that you know you have to do, decisions that you need to take by making excuses?

About the Program

Release, Renew, Recharge

This program includes:

AED 2,999 
/ US$ 816


Take Stock

Start by taking stock of where you are currently and the glide path to where you want to be. You will get clear on the blocks that are holding you back and the changes you need to make going forward.


Release what's not serving you

It's now time to let go of everything that is blocking you, every behavior, every relationship and every emotion. You need to make room within yourself for that which is valuable to you.


Embrace New Changes

This is where you will start letting the things that you are going to need into your life by practising new behaviors, creating positive rituals and strengthening existing ones.


Renew & Recharge

As you start changing your life, you will start seeing positive momentum. Now's the time to build on the initial gains by creating sustainable habits and mental modes to sustain the forward movement towards your goals.

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